Wombok and Potato Patties


Makes ~ 16 patties

  • 450g white potato
  • 200g wombok cabbage, shredded
  • 120g ricotta cheese
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/3 cup finely chopped parsley
  • salt to taste 
  • ~1/2 cup plain gluten free flour for coating
  • rice bran oil, for frying (~1cm deep in a pan)



  • Peel the potatoes, add some salt and steam until tender
  • Drain and put them aside in a bowl and mash them
  • Steam the wombok cabbage for about 6 minutes
  • Drain and press out a lot of the water from the cabbage
  • Add the ricotta, beaten egg and parsley to the potatoes and mash until smooth
  • Fold in the  pressed wombok
  • Add salt to taste
  • Rub your clean hands in some gluten free flour before forming the mixture into about 16 patties.
  • Pat both sides of each patty in the flour
  • Place them on a plate to chill for 1 hour to firm them up a little before frying
  • Heat 1 cm of oil in a fry pan until it is simmering hot
  • Carefully add the patties and fry each side in batches until golden
  • Drain on paper towel when removed from the frying pan; they will be delicate

Serving suggestions:

  • Eat hot, as the potato component of an evening meal
  • Store for use on wraps or rice paper rolls
  • Add to lentils, quinoa and vegetables of your choice for a poke bowl style lunch
  • Squash on to rice cakes for a lunch snack
  • Eat inside a lettuce cup with butterbeans, green beans and mung bean sprouts
  • Eat with eggs for breakfast
Disclaimer: Please note that the food chemical elimination diet is a testing tool to find which food chemical substances your body is sensitive to. It is not intended to be a life-long diet. This procedure should be done with the supervision of your dietitian. Once the elimination investigations are complete you need to add foods back to the diet, from the food chemical groups you have been avoiding, to find your tolerance levels to the substances to which you are sensitive.

The following recipes fall into 4 main categories and will help you through this diet investigation and or the initial re-introduction of moderate chemicals.

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