Gluten Free Flat Breads


Makes 4


  • 150g  (1 cup) All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
  • 250ml soda water
  • 1 Tbsp psyllium husks
  • pinch of iodized salt
  • a little rice bran oil for frying


  • In a mixing bowl stir the flour, psyllium husks and salt together
  • Whisk in the soda water gradually, one third at a time, until the dough is smooth
  • Spread a little oil over the base of a non-stick fry pan and heat. The pan needs to be very hot before the batter is added
  • Pour a quarter of your mixture into the frying pan and quickly spread it to look like a flat pancake
  • Fry this until bubbles appear on the top and then flip it over
  • Cook a few minutes on the other side
  • If not brown enough, flip it back to the first side to deepen the colour
  • Take the flat bread from the heat and place it on a paper towel
  • Repeat until you have cooked all 4 flat breads


Pictured here with chicken and pumpkin rissoles (moderate salicylate)

  • see moderate chemical recipes, free from gluten/wheat or dairy, light bites and lunches

Serving Ideas:

  • Best eaten straight away as a wrap
  • Use as an accompaniment to a stew style of dish
  • Use burrito style with a suitable filling

Disclaimer: Please note that the food chemical elimination diet is a testing tool to find which food chemical substances your body is sensitive to. It is not intended to be a life-long diet. This procedure should be done with the supervision of your dietitian. Once the elimination investigations are complete you need to add foods back to the diet, from the food chemical groups you have been avoiding, to find your tolerance levels to the substances to which you are sensitive.

The following recipes fall into 4 main categories and will help you through this diet investigation and or the initial re-introduction of moderate chemicals.

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