Potato Flat Bread

GlutenFree, DairyFree, Low chemical

Makes 10


750g potatoes

    (Dutch cream in photo)

1 Tblsp psyllium husks

2 Tblsp tapioca flour, or other starch

1/2 tsp iodized salt

Baking paper



  • Preheat the oven to 2200C
  • Peel and grate the potatoes, using the large holes on the grater
  • In a bowl combine the grated potatoes with the other ingredients and let it sit for about 5 minutes. They do start to discolour, but that’s OK.
  • Line an oven tray with baking paper.
  • Take about ¼ cup of mixture, squeeze the liquid from it and flatten it out on the baking paper into a thin, flat circle.
  • Repeat until the tray is full. They do not spread, so can be close together on the tray.
  • Cook for 20 minutes. Once browned and while hot, carefully peel them off the paper
    • This method reduces the over all fat that fried rosti’s have
    • If you want crisper potatoes, you will need to shallow fry the mixture
  • Repeat until the mixture is finished.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Eat as a hash brown with eggs for breakfast
  • Use like a top and bottom piece of bread in a hamburger or sandwich (see potato flat bread hamburger recipe GF DF Low, Dinner)
  • Use like a taco shell, with a suitable filling
  • See Squid and Potato Stack Salad recipe (GF DF Low, lunches and GF DF Mod, lunches)

Disclaimer: Please note that the food chemical elimination diet is a testing tool to find which food chemical substances your body is sensitive to. It is not intended to be a life-long diet. This procedure should be done with the supervision of your dietitian. Once the elimination investigations are complete you need to add foods back to the diet, from the food chemical groups you have been avoiding, to find your tolerance levels to the substances to which you are sensitive.

The following recipes fall into 4 main categories and will help you through this diet investigation and or the initial re-introduction of moderate chemicals.

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