Kim Faulkner-Hogg has written a booklet designed to be used by dietitians to educate clients about coeliac disease and the gluten free diet.

The following topics are in the booklet

• An introduction to coeliac disease
• Diagnostic tests
• Presentations of the disease and possible consequences if the gluten free diet is not adhered to
• Gluten rich and gluten poor ingredients
• Australian and some International Food Standards
• How to read a food label in Australia
• Guide to creating a gluten free kitchen
• Balancing the gluten free diet
• Glossary of both gluten containing and gluten free grains/ingredients
• Meal and snack suggestions and shopping list
• Useful websites including Coeliac Australia’s And more
Gluten Free nutrition Booklet

Booklet last updated January 2020

If you wish to purchase the booklet, click on the link below and download the order form. Complete it, scan it and email to kim@glutenfreenutrition.com.au